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Hundreds of rows of old fashioned brick houses stand closely together with a set of trees separating them from one another in the kingdom town.

A bridge connects the town to the castle. A stone castle with two watchtowers stands tall on a mountain overlooking the ocean on the west side of Normandy. A number of trees surround the castle and a moat borders the palace. A white pathway leads to the entrance of the fortress. In the middle of the courtyard lies a fountain with white bricks bordering it. Birds chirp in the nearby trees and a number of commoners talk amongst themselves while kids toss a ball to each other. Commoners wear all types of colors and clothing styles. The sun shines distinctly on the castle, while a white flag with the face of God waves on top. A chapel is located on the right side of the palace where Robert spends everyday praying and submitting himself before God.   

Dear Lord,

Sometime I feel I can no longer bear the inescapable burdens of my kingly title. I can no longer stand the corruption amongst my own people. The lord’s name is used for personal gain, instead of salvation. God, grant me thy patience and thy virtue to enlist love among my own people. Let them walk alongside with you, instead of against each other.

Your beloved servant,

 Robert of Normandy 

A man dressed in white clothing, with a journal in his right hand, sets down his pen and glances at his pocket watch. A tear rolls down his cheek, as he prays to the Lord to help him rule justly. He lays down his journal as a small ink jar topples over onto his desk. The black ink splatters everywhere and stains the white paper. He puts his aging hands up to his face and shakes his head. There is a knock at the door.     

“Sir?” a distant voice asks. 

“Come in,” Robert says.

A blonde knight with a muscular build and blonde hair walks into the room. His hazel eyes sparkle as he proudly faces Robert. The personal guardian of the king bows with sword in hand.

 “Sir, a rider has approached,” the knight says. “He comes with the flag of truce, and claims to be a messenger from the King of Humanity.”

Robert of Normandy stands up, putting on his crown and a heavy white coat.

 “Bring him to me,” Robert says. 

A man in a black cloak is brought before Robert. He is seated before the king. The messenger pulls back the hood of his cloak. They both sit in silence looking at one another. Robert asks to be left alone with the guest.

“How many years has it been since we parted?” Franklin asks.

“Nearly half a century…brother,” Robert says quietly. He gazes at Franklin with the sadness of a lifetime of lost brotherhood.

“It’s been long enough,” Franklin says. “You look aged and weary my brother.”

 “What do you want? I know you haven’t come here to rekindle the friendship of our youth,” Robert replies.

 “Why now, my brother, don’t be so harsh,” Franklin says, smiling. “We mustn’t squander our time here. I have come bearing a gift. This gift is in the form of eternal life and immense power.”

Robert of Normandy folds his hands under his chin and cringes at the thought of King Franklin praising science. He imagines his Kingdom replacing the Holy Scriptures with scientific theories and commoners worshiping a worldly idol, instead of God.

 “Father loved you, Franklin,” Robert says. “Although he disagreed with your defiance, he always prayed his lost son would return to him.”

 “Prayed?” Franklin irreverently asks. “He was foolish, just as you are my lad! If he were wise he would have allowed my experiments and discoveries, and not hid behind the corrupt church priests! He would have stood up for his son!” 

 “Things could have turned out differently, my brother,” Robert says. “You could have pursued these grand experiments without defying God and disrespecting the church. Your hate for the Almighty turned you against us, leaving no room for understanding.”

“There is no need for God,” King Franklin laughs, his eyes lit up like a demon’s. “He is evil and condemns people to hell. Why go to hell when you can have heaven on earth? He does not love anybody! He is a fraud, a beast, a traitor! Religion is poisoning your heart and closing your mind, Robert. It eats away at your soul and disguises itself as the truth. The remedy for civilization is immortality.”

“I have heard rumors of your magic, and can see the results; as you are old, yet still possess vast strength,” Robert declares. “However, I shall never let such political corruption enter my kingdom. You are not God, Franklin Meads. People are not divine creatures. We age, we bleed, we die! Let God save you before you endure eternal damnation.”

 “You are bounded by your faith,” Franklin states. “Your creator chains you and yet you bow down to him with repentance. Have you gone mad, Robert? God is not with us, he is against us. You think me a dictator? God is the ultimate dictator!” 

 “You are a skillful artist of words,” Robert replies. “I can see why the crowds follow you. You offer an alternative for sinners and people like you. You give them incentive and they bathe in your poetic lyrics; but at what price, my brother? Will you forever keep them in your servitude and seize their freedoms? How long will this go on?”

 “It will go on until all bow the knee before my wisdom!” Franklin cries. “I have proven my greatness through what I have achieved. I have brought forth results and my subjects have seen the light. What have you done for your subjects? Nothing but kept them in darkness with your blind faith!” 

“You have become what you hated, Franklin,” Robert says. “You once deemed the church corrupt, but now you bask in immorality and make yourself a deity.” 

 Franklin steams with hate at the unshakable will of his brother. They sit in silence for some time.

 “As we speak, my army sits at your borders,” Franklin says. “We shall march toward your city. Upon my arrival, I will meet you on the field and give you one final chance to see things my way. Farewell, brother.”

 Franklin is escorted out of the castle, and Robert’s bodyguard returns to his side.

“Who was that my king?” the knight asks. 

“Just a fraud preaching immortality,” Robert bluntly states.

 “Do people really believe they will live forever?” the knight states laughingly. “It is amazing people are made to believe such nonsense. Don’t tell me; next we will hear that the King of Mercia has discovered the fountain of youth!” 


To be continued:

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